Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Transcript of First Ever Twitter Town Hall

Here is the log of our historic first ever Twitter Town Hall. To make sense of it, read it from the bottom going up.
  1. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Goodnight. Stay free America!! #Idontknowjack

  2. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne Goodnight America. This has been Congressman Kimble and Fox Action 15's Dirk Thunderstone #Idontknowjack

  3. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Thank you Dirk, Twitterers, I am sure we will have a transcript of this town hall up on our campaign site #Idontknowjack
  4. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne OK thank you for your time Congressman. #Idontknowjack

  5. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble We said a half hour. If people want to know more they can read the campaign material #Idontknowjack
  6. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne By my clock, we're past time.We've got about 4 questions would you mind going over by a few minutes so we can hear everybody #Idontknowjack

  7. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Getting the word out on this campaign would be huge before Iowa and New Hampshire #Idontknowjack
  8. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble First let me begin by saying that @Joejimble is a very handsome man. As you may know I'm not asking for campaign donations+ #Idontknowjack
  9. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne + What can we do for you? #Idontknowjack

  10. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne @Joejimble asks You are the embodiment of everything we admired about Ronald Reagan and our country's greatest hope + #Idontknowjack

  11. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble I believe I can get you the most money they fastest from his estate #Idontknowjack
  12. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Not only don't know I believe in inheritance tax, I'm also pushing hard to kill medicare. #Idontknowjack
  13. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne @fakecomedian writes @RepJackKimble My father is extremely old and sickly. What are feelings about inheritance taxes? #Idontknowjack

  14. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne @Oneleggedsandpiper asks What do you fear more, a dem with 10K signatures on a petition or a republican with a wide stance? #Idontknowjack

  15. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Two words - Fluffernutter Sandwiches #Idontknowjack
  16. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne @Dyslexicguns asks What will you do to protect America's fat kids from Michelle Obama's socialist, anti-eating policies? #Idontknowjack

  17. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble I believe my tax policies which include a very sizable cut for the top 2% will enable you to have compound & entourage money #Idontknowjack
  18. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble @thereisnosin for you the key is to get as big an entourage as possible and a compound to shield you from distractions #Idontknowjack
  19. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Anyway, as a rock star the key to having me time is to withdraw as much from the general public as possible #Idontknowjack
  20. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Speaking of celebrities @Thereisnosin is about to have a new record released http://bit.ly/gtzS5K. #Idontknowjack
  21. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne @Thereisnosin asks As President, what would you do to ensure that know-it-all intellectuals don't deplete my me time? #Idontknowjack

  22. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Yes, I'm not quite sure what happened, but I am anxious to go on #Idontknowjack
  23. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne I see you had a technical glitch there Congressman. Can we continue? #Idontknowjack

  24. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble I also believe that Bono is supporting my campaign #Idontknowjack
  25. The Snug DyslexicGuns @RepJackKimble What will you do to protect America's fat kids from Michelle Obama's socialist, anti-eating policies? #Idontknowjack

  26. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Rob Mader from the Santa Fe horns has offered to write my campaign song, Hall of Fame Rodeo Clown Bob Sykes+ #Idontknowjack
  27. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne @aliceduncanson asks @RepJackKimble Do you have any celebrity endorsers? #idontknowjack

  28. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble +our country's children deserve #Idontknowjack
  29. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Thank you for asking Leonie. I am a member of the board of directors of Last Stand for Children First #Idontknowjack
  30. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne @leoniehaimson from NY asks Rep. Kimble:exactly what is yr. relationship w/Myron Miner CEO of Last Stand for Children First #Idontknowjack

  31. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble In the event of an actual flood, we will probably be on chairs and desks in my office, bailing it out #Idontknowjack
  32. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble My office is unfortunately at the lowest point of a strip mall and when it rains water collects in front of our building #Idontknowjack
  33. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne @Justinwedes writes If elected president, would u renege on campaign promises or push new legislation u never campaigned on? #Idontknowjack

  34. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble I think we have a good shot at winning the state in 2012, especially with a Republican candidate who is a native son #Idontknowjack
  35. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble But there also are a great many wonderful conservatives. In fact, we have talked of splitting off from liberal California #Idontknowjack
  36. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble I was born and raised in California as was our greatest President Ronald Reagan. Yes, there are liberals out here #Idontknowjack
  37. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne @Raphaelptw asks As a patriot, how can you represent *any* part of a state like CA with a clean conscience? #idontknowjack

  38. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne Let's get started then Congressman #Idontknowjack

  39. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble questions as possible #Idontknowjack
  40. Jack Kimble RepJackKimble Thank you Dirk and thank you Twitterers. It is a pleasure to make history tonight. I look forward to answering as many #Idontknowjack
  41. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne At this time I'd like to welcome Congressman Kimble so that we can begin what I expect will be an engaging half hour #Idontknowjack

  42. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne This town hall is a testament to the growth of Twitter, which is quickly becoming the new AOL or MySpace #Idontknowjack

  43. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne who have turned out to see Jack Kimble answer questions posed to him by members of the Twitter community. #Idontknowjack

  44. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne Here at Jumeaux Restaurant in Glendale Valley, CA the atmosphere is electric. There are 40 guests of the CoC in attendance #Idontknowjack

  45. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne Please follow along at hashtag #Idontknowjack. We expect this town hall to last approximately 30 minutes.

  46. Dirk Thunderstone DirkThunderstne Hello, I'm Dirk Thunderstone from Fox Action 15. #Idontknowjack