Monday, November 28, 2016

No More Political Correctness or Safe Spaces

This is probably going to cost me, but you know I'm a politician that speaks truth and takes the hits for it. Anyway, I've really had it up to hear with wimpy liberals and their safe spaces and their political correctness. Grow up already would you?

During Small Business Saturday I was shopping at the Walmart in Glendale Valley when when of these so called Millennial came up to me. They were demanding I support a voter recount for the last election. I told them that elections have consequences and this country had made it's choice. They were just going to have to shut up and live with it.

They were so mean in their remarks to me that it triggered a horrible and traumatic memory of getting chased from my own town hall by seniors on mobility speakers. They badgered me so much that I had to leave the store and get away to someplace where I felt safe from them.

Liberals need to grow up and accept things. This is the real world and there is no place for safe spaces or political correctness. We just don't have the time..