Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An Open Letter to the Liberal Media

Dear Liberal Media,

Today, I turned on the Twitter to discover that yet another liberal media type had fallen for a parody account.   The reporter in question was named Toure (He has an accent over the e, but my keyboard only types American) and he works at CNN.   You can see why I get my news from FOX and Jay Leno monologues.

Anyway, what really got me mad was that this twitter account pretended to be a Congressman.  Excuse me, but how hard is it to keep us all straight?  There's only like 380 or so Congressmen, maybe 450 at most.   Gym teachers have to keep track of that many names, surely reporters can be expected to do the same? 

Being a Congressman is a special privilege.  It means you're walking down the hallowed halls that Joe Schwarz and Bill Sali once called home.   Sure, we haven't done a lot lately, but there was a time when Congress passed laws and helped to run this government.

The least the media can do is keep us straight.  There is nothing more insulting to somebody like myself than when the clueless lamestream media calls somebody a Congressman who wasn't even elected.   It's time to do better media or America might just vote with their remote controls.

Jack Kimble