Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Police Arrest Woman Who Assaulted Congressman Kimble

Following a tip from a member of her bridge group, Glendale Valley Police arrested Edna Mae Watkins 82 of Glendale Valley after setting up a sting at a local diner where Ms. Watkins was known to frequent in the early afternoon hours. Police arrested Ms. Watkins peacefully, though a taser was used for the officers' safety.

During a heated exchange over the Ryan budget at a recent town hall, Ms. Watkins struck Congressman Kimble in the nose with her cane. She was escorted from the town hall by Hell's Angels working as security, but managed to trick the amateur security into letting her go.

With his nose still heavily bandaged, Congressman Kimble issues a statement saying, "This is a great day for law enforcement. What Ms. Watkins did was assault pure and simple and there is never an excuse for this kind of attack. I will make sure that she is prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jack Kimble Releases Statement on Glendale Valley Townhall

There are no easy words to sum up the events at last evening's disastrous town hall on the budget and the national debt crisis. It was clear from the opening moments of this town hall that the crowd was contentious. I will be asking that appropriate law enforcement individuals look into the possibility that the crowd was stirred up by Democrat operatives in the crowd. There can, however be no doubt that mistakes were made.

At last year's town hall event in Rancho Podrido I had hired Hell's Angels to serve as security without incident. I attempted to hire their services again and in retrospect, it seemed to be a big mistake. If anything they seemed to make the situation more volatile and not less so. It became clear to me that things had gotten out of hand when a woman charged the stage and hit me cleanly across the bridge of my nose with her cane. She was forcibly removed from the town hall and I will be sure that she will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Things escalated from there. I saw several members of the unruly mob agitate the Hell's Angels by deliberately plowing into them with their mobility scooters. Finally, when an Oakdale man charged the stage with a walker, he was tackled by one of the Hell's Angels and the situation had clearly become untenable. I ended the town hall at that point and exited out a back door. Reports, that I had used an elderly woman as a human shield by pushing her into the angry crowd are totally and completely fabricated. It is my belief that many of the seniors are strongly supportive of the Ryan budget and it was only a few bad apples who caused the problems. I will no longer be employing the Hell's Angels as security at my town halls.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jack Kimble Urges Everyone to Get The Word Out

Running for President can be extremely exhausting. Very few people would fly to Marshalltown, IA on Good Friday for a campaign event at the Made-Rite. It's even worse when people look at that said candidate suspiciously for having a loose meat sandwich on a Friday in Lent when that candidate hadn't eaten all day and got a special dispensation from his pastor before leaving California.

The point is, visibility is going to be a major stumbling block for me this campaign. I know my message will resonate with voters, but in order for that to happen, they have to hear it. Many times, the lamestream media doesn't even include me in Presidential polls. With liberal media bias against our campaign, only we can rise above by getting the word out ourselves. Unfortunately, with so many of my followers living in gated communities even yard signs are less effective than ideal.

There are 4 main sources of fund-raising open to me:
1. Hitting Mom and Dad for Cash
2. Hitting Lobbyists for Cash
3. Asking You for Donations
4. Selling You Things in the Online Store

Now my mom and dad have done their part and the oil lobbyists have been very cooperative. I could simply ask for donations, but that's just cash. I want you to not only generate word of mouth for my campaign, but to have a wonderful souvenir to treasure while you're watching my inauguration on television. Just think how impressed your neighbors would be to see a yard sign like the one pictured above -- Only $10.95 at our campaign store. We have buttons and t-shirts as well to let you show your support in style. I'm doing my part, but without you it won't work. Together we can take back this country and take it way back. You can visit the campaign store by clicking on the Shop link at the top of the page.

Congressman Kimble Pushes State to Adopt Policy on Clothing for Foster Kids

A new budget proposal in Michigan recently caught my eye and it sounds like it should be the new policy for the entire country. Republican State Senator Bruce Casswell has introduced legislation to mandate that foster children would only be allowed to buy their clothing at second hand stores. This sounds like simple common sense to me. Why should the state pay for tailored suits or designer handbags when there is a perfectly reasonable budget alternative

There is a lot of good stuff at Goodwill stores and if foster kids don't look at it as unfashionable, but rather hipster chic, I am sure that they will have no trouble wearing a dress with large shoulder pads or an unconstructed robin's egg blue jacket. It's time for us to end the free ride for foster children once and for all.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

President Kimble Announces Presidential Run

My Friends,

Only a short month and a half ago, I announced my decision to explore a run for President of the United States. This was not just a statement, but the beginning of a conversation. Since early March, I have talked to everyday Americans--from the courageous Tea Party protester in Madison to the Lobbyist in Washington DC to the senior citizen in California terrified of a government mandated driving test that she has to pass to continue playing in her weekly bridge game.

I see an America still strong in faith and patriotism, but sadly losing her way. There was a time in this country when being from a privileged family, going to the right school, and networking at the right country club was all one needed to have a pretty good life in this country. Sadly, those days are gone.

"These are," to quote Charles Dickens, "the times that try men's souls. They are the best of times. They are the worst of times."

Nowadays, so much money flows into politics, that most politicians can't help but be changed by it. It's time for a candidate who has had money all his life and knows how to resist its temptations. I believe I am that man.

I will make the economy the cornerstone of my campaign. I have already introduced legislation in the House of Representatives to extend full employment benefits to all Americans regardless of age and I will be introducing another bill after Easter Recess that will allow Speaker Boehner to replace state governments in financial trouble with an emergency manager.

My friends, we must move forward, onward, and upward. As part of the greatest country the world has ever known we have achieved greatness and we can believe it again. I am the change you can believe in and I will not let you down as we travel this road to the election. Together, we can make this world a whole lot brighter and we can make this load just a little bit lighter.

So let's continue this conversation. Let's discuss. Let's parlay. Let's rap. Let's verbalize. Let's talk. Together, we can do great things.

God bless this great country! Stay Free America!

Congressman Kimble Introduces Emergency Manager Bill

Republican U.S. Rep. Jack Kimble(CA-54) issued the following news release Wednesday:

Jack Kimble Introduces Bill to Allow Congress to Appoint Emergency Managers to Assist States in Financial Crisis

[WASHINGTON] With American economic stability under attack at both the federal and state levels, Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) has announced he will sponsor legislation that would allow the United States House of Representatives to review the financial records of individual states and appoint an emergency manager to assume control of state government operations in the event of financial distress.

The Emergency Manager Act (H.R. 2341) is a vital piece of the solution to our current economic crisis. Only by getting control of financial mismanagement at the state level, will government regain its economic footing at all levels.

· Allows a Select Committee of the House of Representatives to conduct a thorough forensic audit of the financial records of all 50 states and present recommendations to the Speaker for future action.

· Allows the Speaker of the House to appoint an Emergency Manager who will take control and assume management of these states and their governmental agencies, selling assets, closing schools and eliminating all employee agreements where necessary. All collective bargaining can be dissolved if in the opinion of the manager, such bargaining poses an undo strain on the state's financial stability. In addition, state police, national guard, and prisons may be privatized.

· Provides for states that have improved their financial status to return to electoral governance following a 6 year probationary period.

“Even if we were to adopt the entire Ryan budget, financial strain on the system at the state level will still keep our country struggling to keep a solid financial footing,” Kimble said. “This legislation is long overdue and vitally necessary. I have the utmost confidence in Speaker Boehner and the other members of House leadership to appoint highly qualified and ethical emergency managers."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Congressman Kimble Crafts Emergency Manager Bill

My Friends,

It has become clear to me that the economic crisis gripping this nation is far worse than we had initially believed. Even if we were to adopt the entire Paul Ryan budget as is, we would still face unparalleled economic distress at the state level where spendthrift administrations make bad contracts and collectively bargain away the economic stability that so many of their citizens depend on.

For that reason, after Easter Recess I will be sponsoring H.R. 2341 to return financial sanity to the state level of our government. Under the terms of the bill, a select House committee will be appointed by Speaker Boehner to examine the financial records of all 50 states. If a state is show to be in relative financial health no changes will be made to the state's elected government.

However, in the event of clear financial strain at the state level, The Speaker of the House can appoint an emergency manager to take control and assume management of these disbanded states and their governmental agencies, selling assets, closing schools and eliminating all employee agreements where necessary. All collective bargaining can be dissolved if in the opinion of the manager, such bargaining poses an undo strain on the state's financial stability. In addition, state police, national guard, and prisons may be privatized.

When the emergency manager finds that the state's finances have improved, the state will be placed on a 6 year probationary period. After that period, elections will be held for a new Governor and all decisions will return to state control.

While may see this bill as a big government power grab, this bill will merely extend the accountability established for municipalities by the governments of Michigan and Wisconsin to the federal level. Financial sanity at the state level is clearly necessary for the economic stability of the entire country.

Congressman Jack Kimble

Monday, April 18, 2011

Congressman Kimble Tours Factories Where Child Labor is Working

For a lot of Congressman, Easter Recess is a time to be with their families and maybe get in a round of golf or two, but Congressman Kimble hit the ground running this past weekend with a whirlwind tour of places throughout the world where businesses freed from bureaucratic red tape are making children an important part of the work force.

Kimble's tour began at the Zastava factory in Kragujevac, Serbia where children play an important part in building the next generation of automobiles. Zastava President Nikola Petrovic explained that during the fighting that followed the collapse of Yugoslavia, the company began using orphans out of necessity, but found they were such hard workers and quite skilled. As things improved, the company continued to employ younger workers who seemed to enjoy many of the perks of their job including the ability to work with power tools.

With barely a moment to rest, Kimble was off to Nepal and Vietnam where he visited factories for making rugs and clothing. The Congressman was extremely impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship and of the nimble fingers of the tiny titans of industry. Congressman Kimble related, "The children did not seem exploited, often working days far longer than an adult would work because they got so wrapped up in what they were doing, they simply lost track of the time."

Congressman Kimble is sponsoring H.R. 929 to promote give full employment rights to all Americans regardless of age. He concluded that his successful tour has made him more determined than ever to fight for the rights of children to work.

[From the Oakdale Value Shopper, April 18, 2011]

Monday, April 4, 2011

Congressman Kimble Takes on Liberals to Promote Employment Reforms

Brad Friedman interviews Congressman Kimble on the Mike Malloy Show

Congressman Jack Kimble when into the belly of the beast to defend H.R. 929 on liberal radio. The legislation, which will extend full employment rights to all Americans regardless of age is strangely controversial in some liberal circles where work is seen as a four letter word.