The Issues

Protecting Our Border: Illegal immigration poses a real threat to this country.  The most obvious solution is to build a very large fence to keep out illegals, but then what?  Even if we surround the fence with a moat and fill that moat with alligators, desperate people seeking freedom and prosperity will still sneak in.  The only long term solution to the problem is to continue to elect Republican candidates.   As there are fewer jobs and less freedom, people will not only stop sneaking into the United States, but some of the illegals already here will undoubtedly return home.

Providing Economic Relief to Those Who Need it Most: One of our country's shameful secrets is that despite owning only 85% of this country's wealth, the wealthiest 20% of our population pays nearly 65% of all federal taxes.   I support not only extending the Bush tax cuts, but also doubling them.  By fining those in society who choose to be unemployed, we can cover much of the cost of further economic relief.

Reforming Health Care in America: Canada's socialized medical system has led to an increased life expectancy by 3.6 years over the life expectancy of the average American.   As a result, Canadians are forced to pay taxes to their government for an extra 42 months.   This is far too great a burden to place on the American taxpayer at this time.  We must stand against increasing the tax burden.

Reforming Education: President Obama is doing a great job.  We should support him.

Reducing the Growth of Government:  Ronald Reagan once said that "The government that governs best is the government that governs least." Government has become to large and too powerful.   If there is one thing the the GOP proved during the Bush administration, it's that government is not a very effective way of solving problems.  The easiest way to reduce the power of government is to give Congress more days off so that they will have less ability to interfere with the working people of this country.

Protecting Our National Security: I believe that the best defense is a good offense.  The time for negotiation is over.  If we are to be serious about making this world a better place, we must stand up to countries like Iran and North Korea by invading them before they invade us.   I have no doubt that the people of such oppressive regimes will treat us as liberators and not as an occupying force.

Supporting the Greatest Generation: Senior Citizens are the lifeblood of our country.  It is their wisdom and experience that we should most value in our time of need.   I will do everything I can to remind the country just how valuable our seniors are.

Reforming Unemployment Insurance: Unemployment is supposed to be a safety net for working people, but instead it has been turned into a handout for people without jobs.   This is not what unemployment was created for and it is my belief that this is an unconstitutional abuse of the unemployment insurance program.  I will propose legislation that will return unemployment insurance to the safety net for working Americans it was intended to be.

Standing Up for Morality: I have fought vigorously against the gay and metro-sexual agenda.  I will continue to work with family values conservatives like Newt Gingrich, David Vitter, Lee Terry, and Herman Cain to preserve the moral fiber of this country.