Thursday, July 24, 2014

On the Border with Rick and Louie

When something important like the border crisis comes along, I don't believe in patience.  I certainly didn't believe in waiting until Congress has the month of August off to do something about the problem.   Yesterday, I joined fellow Congressman Louie Gohmert and Texas Governor Rick Perry for a morning patrol of the border region.

I find myself outraged when I see immigrants from Central American countries like Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador when the United States has spent so many years looking out for the welfare of their people.  When a government that was too socialist or wanted some crazy scheme to take unfarmed land and give it to poor people, we have always been willing to intervene.  When the people of those countries rose up against socialist governments, we have always been willing to support democracy by training rebels at the CIA and supporting militaries when the will of the people was for a coup.  After we gave their countries the American dream, it seems like such ingrattitude that they reject it to come here to the land we stole from Mexico fair and square 160 years ago regardless of what Abraham Lincoln said.

Don't let malnutrition fool you.  These illegals are wiry and they are a crafty opponent.  Once we let them into the country, who knows what sort of evil they will do.    That's why it's important that we meet them head on with force, even if it means inadvertently blowing up a church or camp bus or two.

We made quite an impression when we met agents along the border.  They even started calling us, The Electables.    Sadly, we didn't get to shoot any illegals, though we did wing a very tan Italian-American who happened to live near the border.    With Rick and Louie manning the guns, I flew an attack helicopter deep over the border, but the children at the age are just so small, they're much harder to spot than I had hoped.  Still, it felt good to know that we had done our part for the good old USA.  It's our border, we all must protect it.

Louie and I promised Rick that we'd come back in August.  I know Texas, isn't part of my district, but as a Congressman you go where the trouble is.  It's just what we do.