Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Congressman Kimble Salutes Martin Luther King's Dream

This is not an actual picture of Congressman Kimble with Martin Luther King

Today, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's march on Washington D.C.  This is an important milestone in American history that we shortchange if we only look at it in terms of race.  When Martin Luther King marched on Washington, it wasn't just for the black police officer or the black soldier.  It wasn't just for the Native American, but for the white construction worker, the white cowboy, and the white leatherman as well. 

People of all parties and political beliefs respect what Martin Luther King did for this country, but his legacy is threatened when modern day liberals attempt to graft him onto their pet causes.  The reason that people like myself have such respect for Martin Luther King is because we are sure to keep the causes he fought for out of our mind, while still honoring his legacy by cleaning up a local park or painting some lockers in a charter school. 

I like to think that Martin Luther King's dream was smaller government, lower taxes, and less regulation on business- that is a civil rights leader I can get behind.   When we start throwing actual facts into the mix, we find a radical who supported letting minorities vote, school and neighborhood desegregation, and and labor unions.  I'm sorry, but this is a hero--this is a radical.  I don't want to celebrate his memory.  He wants to destroy my way of life.

It's much better to have a Martin Luther King we can all believe in.  Let's not let the man's beliefs tarnish his image because when it does, we all are lesser for it.  Martin Luther King had a dream and that's the important thing.  I just like to think of the dream as being lower capital gains taxes.