Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Easter Gift for my Constituents and Friends

There are two huge pieces of news on the book front.   First, Profiles in Courageousness will be coming out in paperback form and secondly, it's been proofread and copy edited.  The new version will be appearing in the eBook stores soon and when that happens, I will make sure that anybody who bought the first version will be able to get the proofread copy free of charge.

In addition, I am as always on a crusade to save Easter from the Communists, Atheists, and Unitarians who wish to destroy it.  To that end, I am encouraging wholesome family values by giving away my eBook free of charge.  Simply go  and enter the coupon code "Easter".  You can even get the book in PDF format if you don't have an E-Reader. This free book give away will only last until tomorrow night at 8PM Eastern time.

To all my Christian friends, have a joyous and Happy Easter.  To my non-believer friends, no hard feelings about the whole crucifixion thing.

[Update] If you enjoy the book, please spread the word.  A review on Amazon or elsewhere would be great, but so would just telling your friends.  

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