Monday, July 19, 2010

Voices of the 54th District - Unemployment

If you live in the 54th District you've seen our newest mailing. I'm very happy with this idea. Instead of giving you my opinions on the issues of the day, Voices of the 54th District lets me see what district voters think. This isn't stacked, we may even get a Democrat or two. However, I think it's important that if I am casting votes for you in Washington, I see what you're thinking on Main Street.


  1. Good for you, Rep. Kimble! It is clear we're heading toward totalitarian Marxism in the USA and we need you on our side! I'm tired of my federal tax dollars going to these socialist so-called insurance programs like unemployment and disability. Let the private sector make a profit off these lazy jerks. They can pay REAL premiums if they want a long vacation. Well, I'm off to visit Michele Bachmann's government subsidized farm now, toodles - Tea Party Dolt