Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Drop

It's going to be a difficult Thanksgiving for a lot of people this year. The Obama economy has us all on edge, the liberal atheist agenda to turn Thanksgiving into a godless "Turkey Day" continues, and even traveling for Thanksgiving has become an arduous process. That's why I am delighted to announce that my office will be doing our First Annual Turkey Drop on Wednesday November 24th at the Oakdale Shopping Center at noon.

Thanksgiving has always been a very important holiday to me. After conquering a Trans-Atlantic voyage, a harsh winter, savage Indians, and French colonists, the Pilgrims had a celebration to give thanks to the Lord who had given them so much. They even shared their blessings with the local Indians in the spirit of true American hospitality.

We will be providing 20 farm raised turkeys, which will be dropped from helicopter to the parking lot where lucky attendees can try to grab the turkeys as they fly down to the ground below.

This is my way of helping those of you who are in need this holiday season, but obviously not everybody can win a turkey. However, we're going to have to have all sorts of fun and activities for the whole family including a speech on economic policy by myself. Come on out for a fun filled afternoon, and walk away with your own Thanksgiving turkey.


  1. LOL - ouch - our flying club tried to drop "golf balls" from a helicopter onto our airstrip for a fundraiser. Unfortunately, we were told this was dangerous. When I read what YOU planned to do I can't quit laughing - only because to get hit by a golf ball might cause an tear in the cranium, I can't imagine what a 10 lb turkey might do. RUN!!!! LOL - well, you made my day with a good laugh. Have a very happy and SAFE (I supposed you'll be in the helicoper) Thanksgiving!

  2. Congressman, you should see this before you do something really stupid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST01bZJPuE0

  3. I really wish you had posted this last year.