Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Congressman Kimble Explains Craig's List Misunderstanding.

Recently, following an ugly scandal in New York involving another Congressman, I have been targeted for criticism by several left wing bloggers who have uncovered shirtless pictures I posted of myself on Craig's List. The bloggers speculated that I too was using Craig's List to seek out sexual conquests. This misrepresentation of the truth is both hurtful to my family and dishonest.

My advertisements on Craig's List were seeking out used manshaping or if you will manscaping products. As said products were being sought by myself a male and I was looking for products designed for a male body, I may have inadvertently placed my advertisement in the wrong section of Craig's List. The fact that I described myself as a bear was only to describe my luxurious coat of back hair, which I was seeking to remove.

I am demanding an apology from any liberal blogs that have speculated on these pictures. I have done nothing wrong and I believe my explanation should put an end to this discussion. I remain firmly committed to my loving wife of 25 years.

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