Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Congressman Kimble Sponsors Legislation Extending Full Employment Rights to Children

Republican U.S. Rep. Jack Kimble(CA-54) issued the following news release Wednesday:

Kimble Introduces Bill to Extend Full Employment Rights to All Citizens Regardless of Age

WASHINGTON] With American competitiveness threatened by a stagnating economy brought on by public employee unions and well-meaning, but harmful social legislation Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) has sponsored legislation that would extend full employment rights to all citizens regardless of age.

The Roadmap for A Working America (H.R. 929) is a budget-neutral jobs strategy that will enable Americans of all ages to engage in meaningful employment and strip away many of the job destroying child labor protections that American businesses have been suffering under since the New Deal. Specifically the legislation:

· Allows the United States to compete globally by reducing the $125 billion dollars in goods imported annually from countries known to have child labor and encouraging businesses in this country to make those goods.

· Reduces the 8.9 million uninsured children by getting those children into the work force and making them eligible for employee provided health care.

· Provides outside the classroom career skill to a nation of students starving for greater educational opportunities.

· Supplies American businesses with a new younger work force able to work for greatly reduced wages while providing families with an extra source of income.

“For too long, Americans have suffered the consequences of overzealous social reformers picking winners and losers by prohibiting children from meaningful employment. A truly revolutionary groundswell from Maine to Missouri has begun to change these anti-business policies,” Kimble said. “I introduce this legislation to extend full employment rights to all citizens regardless of age not because it is the easy thing to do or because it is politically expedient, but because it is right for our children and it right for America."


  1. Plus, as we all know, children are better with computers.

  2. Yeah, and then American businesses can pay them less. Great idea. Oh, and you should sponsor a bill that would get rid of compulsory education, that pesky nuisance law that keep kids in the classroom seven hours a day when they could be out working. Any more protections you want to get rid of? Food safety, the environment? Keep those great ideas coming!

  3. Yeah! They could add to the family income! Or be the only income because the child was given the job formerly held by an adult at a higher wage! Great! We can all starve as far as this guy and his cohorts care, as long as business makes more profit.

  4. Why only nine-to-nine? Why not five-to-eleven? or four-to-midnight?

  5. why didn't you approve my comment?

  6. This jerkwad has a face one would love to punch!
    Have I mentioned how much I hate these people?

  7. Why should brave entrepreneurs and business owners have to PAY wages? Working is a privilege, not a right! Kids should pay to work, damn it!