Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Congressman Kimble Protects Americans with Patti's Law

Protecting our nation has been a priority of Jack Kimble since his election to Congress in 2006. With terrorism threatening to bring America to it's knees at any moment, Jack Kimble has team with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, which will change the treatment of terrorism suspects and suspected terrorism suspects by declaring the entire country a battlefield.

"Both Senator Graham and myself deeply love this country. It is a well known fact that love is a battlefield. Therefore, it is only logical that the country become a battlefield. For the average American, they will notice very little change, but for those considering terrorist acts against us, they will take notice. As a nation, we are young, but we are also strong. Our cause is just and we stand as a beacon of freedom. No one can tell us we're wrong. Patti's Law will protect our citizens from the scourge of terrorism and I will be urging my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass it. We are open to all concerns, but we will make no promises nor will we accept any demands."

Currently, Patti's Law or SB 867 as it is now known, has cleared the Senate, but needs to pass the House in order to reach the President's desk. Please call your Representative and let him know you support Patti's Law.

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