Monday, October 11, 2010

Congressman Kimble's Comments to Knights of Columbus

This evening was the annual Columbus Day Dinner for the Knights of Columbus Council 11347 at Haney's Crossing. The Knights provide a valuable service to the community and demonstrate the moral backbone that the 54th District is known for. Tonight Congressman Kimble addressed the Knights at their Knights Hall.

Father Daley, Knights, and family members, I am honored to be here speaking tonight before such a respected and well known organization. I will keep my comments brief, but I thought it most appropriate today to talk about Christopher Columbus.

Way back in 1492, there was no cable, no video games, no Ipods. What people used to get through their day was faith. It was this faith that lead Christopher Columbus to discover America so that we might all worship God as we saw fit. Columbus was a great hero, but I wonder what he'd say if he was alive today.

Would Columbus recognize America today. How would he react to seeing a country he worked so hard to discover becoming completely overrun with illegal aliens? What would he feel about Americans having to learn Spanish just to be able to communicate? If Columbus knew these things would he even bother to sail across the Ocean to come here?

In the name of Columbus, we must take back our country. We can begin doing it in November by voting for politicians who have zero tolerance for the tide of illegal immigration that threatens us so. Let's return this country to the way it should be. Let's make this country one that Christopher Columbus would recognize. Thank you.


  1. Cristoforo ColumboOctober 12, 2010 at 8:07 PM

    LOL!!!!!!! Ma sei umbriaco? Mi fai ridere, scemo.

  2. "What would he feel about Americans having to learn Spanish just to be able to communicate?"

    The irony words is that indigenous 'Americans' did actually have to learn Spanish, and other languages, when confronted with an invading force: The Conquistadores.

    Don't you feel silly saying things like this in public?