Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Kimble 2012 Ad - Bears

We're quite proud of this 30 second spot, which we intend to put in heavy rotation in states with a lot of labor strife. The bears are actually a metaphor for trade unions.


  1. Concerned about bearsMay 10, 2011 at 6:25 PM

    The bears do indeed exist! They must be stopped from taking our fish. Please help us Rep. Kimble! The bears frighten me, and I don't even think that they are Christian bears, also they were brown. Thanks in advance for protecting our American way of life.

  2. Have you thought about getting Sarah Palin as a running mate? She promises to dedicate America's future to fresh ideas and candidates who share her vision for killing bears... if there are any. This would be great!

  3. Stanley, Read the archives. Congressman Kimble has already made a veep offer to John Ensign. You put two good eggs from California and Nevada together and all of a sudden you have a Western omlet. Delish!

  4. Dear Sir,

    I do not think it a coincidence that four days after you release this ad, Mike Huckabee announces he will not seek the nomination.

    I think your brave challenge has revealed that Mr. Huckabee is a closeted bear.

    Your biggest fan in Texas,