Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrate Banned Books Week 9/25 - 10/2

One of our most sacred rights as Americans is the right to ban that, which we find objectionable, immoral, or in some way harmful to our children and our communities. Many great patriots have given their all to protect our right to say, "No your ideas are harmful and we will not be subjected to them any longer."

Americans have used this cherished right in burning and in simply banning a wide variety of books for language, occult, anti-Americanism and a wide variety of sins. This week has been set aside to celebrate banning books and to thank those brave churches, school boards, politicians, and librarians who have looked out for their neighbors by banning the objectionable.

As Americans we all must step forward to ban that, which we do not want to tolerate in our schools or communities. Let your voice be heard by being vocal in your community. Join your city council or library board and set the standards for your own town.

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