Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Elections or Elective Surgery

Daniel Fagen claims to be a man of his word, but after agreeing to to a debate with Congressman Kimble, Fagen has ducked the event. The September 18th debate, which was designed to give voters a chance to be informed about the 54th District Congressional Candidates was to be sponsored by the Lions Club and the League of Women Voters.

Unfortunate, Mister Fagen has ducked the debate claiming that he would need to donate a kidney on the scheduled date. Any doctor can tell you that kidney transplants are only vital surgery for the recipient. For the person donating the kidney, it's elective surgery.

Who is Dan Fagen donating his kidney to? According to the Fagen campaign he will be giving his kidney to a single mother with 6 children who has been living at one of Fagen's shelters for battered women and children.

Do not allow Dan Fagen to duck his responsibility to the 54th District voters. Call his campaign headquarters and let him know that we demand answers. Why is he afraid to debate Jack Kimble? Is he ashamed of his own big government liberal policies? We want answers.


  1. That Fagen. His excuses are so transparent.

  2. I've never forgiven Daniel Fagen for breaking up Steely Dan. He's like the Yoko Ono of smooth jazz inspired rock.