Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kimble Fundraiser Doesn't Let Terrorists Win

Yesterday, over 100 guests made their way to the Tennessee Ernie Ford Museum adjacent to Heritage Ice Arena to attend a fundraiser for Jack Kimble's reelection campaign.

The big hits of the evening were the chocolate fountain pictured left, a rocking performance by America tribute band Ventura Highway and taped speeches from Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck recorded earlier in the day at their Alaska fund raiser.

As the band began playing the opening strains of Sister Golden Hair, Congressman Kimble took the stage and shared his 9/11 memories and recalling the courage of the first responders who will forever be remembered as American heroes. Kimble expressed his regret that many of those same first responders were now looking for health care handouts for injuries suffered at Ground Zero.

The night was a huge success taking in over $20,000 for the campaign without the proceeds from the cash bar. With a rather large wet section, the take could be over $30,000.

"It was a great day. Anytime Americans come together like this, the terrorists don't win. When Americans give of their hard earned money to support a strong family values campaign like mine, the lose badly. This is also great news for my father who will be on the hook for less of my campaign costs," said Congressman Kimble.

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