Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Congressman Kimble Landsline Winner of New Hampshire Debate

[Reprinted from the Oakdale Value Shopper with permission]

54th District Congressman Jack Kimble was the clear winner of last night's Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire despite not being invited to participate. Kimble, who has emerged as a tireless champion of conservative family values, capitalism, and plutocracy is a long shot for the nomination, but that didn't stop him from being the debate's big winner according to overnight tracking polls that showed 73% of viewers felt Kimble was the winner, with 20% preferring Ron Paul, and front-runner Mitt Romney tied for a distant third with Michele Bachmann and Herbert Cain.

Because of a paperwork snafu, Kimble was not invited to the debate so he chose to make the best of the situation by tweeting from the Best Western in Concord, where he was staying unaware that the debate was actually being held in Manchester. He responded to the debate questions in real time and was followed by an audience of thousands on Twitter through hash tag #GOPDebate.

"He just came off as real," said longtime political analyst George Coughlin, "When an audience member asked for a way to specific response and Kimble replied that he was just going to dance around the question with platitudes, it reminded me of Ronald Reagan telling Walter Mondale, "there you go again."

@dcGisenyi, a Washington D.C. native, singled out Kimble's plan to "1ook at every immigrant woman of child-bearing age as ticking bomb" particularly compelling before declaring him the debate winner.

@laloalcaraz a nationally syndicated political cartoonist thought Kimble won big points by defiantly declaring, "We know illegal immigrants come here because our life is better. If you elect me, I promise that will stop."

Kimble felt free to talk off the cuff, such as when he declared that like Herman Cain he would make sure any Muslim on his staff would not kill him, but he was masterful when he stuck to the points he felt strongest about like ending child labor laws and government regulation. Perhaps the most memorable line of the night was when Kimble declared that all food should be hand inspected, but by the invisible hand of the free market and not by the FDA.

Clearly, Jack Kimble had the most to lose in this debate, but the effect of his strong showing won't be known until new polls are taken at the end of the week. It is hard to see how Kimble doesn't jump into double digits after this performance.

The Oakdale Value Shopper is owned by Jack Kimble's father Joe Kimble.

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  1. Congratulations and the strong win is surely a result of your bully pulpit stance on the greatness of plutocracy.