Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Hampshire GOP Prefers Paperwork to Democracy

This has been a very trying couple of weeks for the Kimble campaign. I had many of my highest ranking campaign officials quit earlier in the week, but I was able to catch them before they could make it out of the parking lot to freedom. I was worried that this might happen if we let the windows open while they worked. That situation has been rectified with the purchase of several wall unit air conditioners.

The big problem happened on Thursday when I was told that because my paperwork was incomplete I would not be allowed to compete in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate this Monday. I tried to appeal to the state GOP's sense of fairness and decency as well as the desire to have all voices represented. Unfortunately, they showed a preference for having pretty paperwork and refused.

This Monday, the debate will be on CNN from 8PM until 10PM and I will be in the Concord Best Western on Twitter using hash tag #CNNDebate to give my answers to the questions asked of contestants. If you care about democracy I ask you to follow along. They can shut us out, but they will not shut us up. I hope to see you then. Be sure to follow @Repjackkimble on Twitter for all the latest in my campaign to become your next President.

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