Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Congressman Kimble Introduces Emergency Manager Bill

Republican U.S. Rep. Jack Kimble(CA-54) issued the following news release Wednesday:

Jack Kimble Introduces Bill to Allow Congress to Appoint Emergency Managers to Assist States in Financial Crisis

[WASHINGTON] With American economic stability under attack at both the federal and state levels, Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) has announced he will sponsor legislation that would allow the United States House of Representatives to review the financial records of individual states and appoint an emergency manager to assume control of state government operations in the event of financial distress.

The Emergency Manager Act (H.R. 2341) is a vital piece of the solution to our current economic crisis. Only by getting control of financial mismanagement at the state level, will government regain its economic footing at all levels.

· Allows a Select Committee of the House of Representatives to conduct a thorough forensic audit of the financial records of all 50 states and present recommendations to the Speaker for future action.

· Allows the Speaker of the House to appoint an Emergency Manager who will take control and assume management of these states and their governmental agencies, selling assets, closing schools and eliminating all employee agreements where necessary. All collective bargaining can be dissolved if in the opinion of the manager, such bargaining poses an undo strain on the state's financial stability. In addition, state police, national guard, and prisons may be privatized.

· Provides for states that have improved their financial status to return to electoral governance following a 6 year probationary period.

“Even if we were to adopt the entire Ryan budget, financial strain on the system at the state level will still keep our country struggling to keep a solid financial footing,” Kimble said. “This legislation is long overdue and vitally necessary. I have the utmost confidence in Speaker Boehner and the other members of House leadership to appoint highly qualified and ethical emergency managers."

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