Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Police Arrest Woman Who Assaulted Congressman Kimble

Following a tip from a member of her bridge group, Glendale Valley Police arrested Edna Mae Watkins 82 of Glendale Valley after setting up a sting at a local diner where Ms. Watkins was known to frequent in the early afternoon hours. Police arrested Ms. Watkins peacefully, though a taser was used for the officers' safety.

During a heated exchange over the Ryan budget at a recent town hall, Ms. Watkins struck Congressman Kimble in the nose with her cane. She was escorted from the town hall by Hell's Angels working as security, but managed to trick the amateur security into letting her go.

With his nose still heavily bandaged, Congressman Kimble issues a statement saying, "This is a great day for law enforcement. What Ms. Watkins did was assault pure and simple and there is never an excuse for this kind of attack. I will make sure that she is prosecuted to the full extent of the law."


  1. I for one appreciate your quick and decisive action in fighting this, if I dare say it, terrorism. Thank you for protecting our country against angry, elderly American citizens. Will you have her tried in a military court?

  2. The only place for anti-American radical agitators is Gitmo.

  3. It is very sad to see anothere victom of pubblic edducation. Pleaese rthink takin her throug the courtes, Mauybee insteeds their is a pollittical solutione to help reedducate her Then she could becomme a patriotic citizen insteed of wasting away in the prission systmes. Lots om poeple like me suffering from pubblic edducation.