Sunday, November 11, 2012

Congressman Kimble Meets the Nation to Talk about GOP Future

Greg Roberts: The echoes of Tuesday night's crushing defeat for Mitt Romney and the rest of Republican candidates still echo through the beltway.  The fiscal cliff awaits, but it seems what everybody is talking about is how the Republicans rebound with demographics seemingly working against them for years to come. 

Our guest, Jack Kimble from California was a rare Republican winner on Tuesday night, winning his home district with over 83% of the vote total.  Welcome to the show Congressman.

Jack Kimble:  Thank you Greg.  I'm happy to be here.

Greg Roberts:  So 83%?  How did you do it?

Jack Kimble: I'm fortunate Greg.  The 54th District is a traditional family values district.  I guess we're not much different from America itself in that regard.

Greg Roberts: Do you think there are lessons that the rest of the Republican Party can learn from your phenomenal success.

Jack Kimble: I'm glad you mentioned that.  As you know, my book Profiles in Courageousness was released this week and in it, I tell the story of the American dream as I rise from the son of a wealthy landowner to become a United States Congressman.  I also lay out a road map for moving the Republican Party into the future.  You can find it at Amazon, Barnes and...

Greg Roberts:  Right.  I'm sure it's going to be a best seller Congressman, but getting back to the election.  Do you think that Tea Party candidates may have taken the party too far to the right?

Jack Kimble:  Oh what?  Sorry, I was just looking at my Kindle.  Do you realize that 25% of American students are in the bottom quartile on standardized tests?  I have a solution for that.  

Greg Roberts: Education is a big part of the dilemma facing our country.  Every year, there are more and more immigrants coming to this country and it's our public schools that have the responsibility to educate them.  Do you think that Republicans made a mistake being so anti-immigration?

Jack Kimble: Amazingly, that's in the book too.  Why build a wall on only one border?  Let's put a wall on all four borders and sell advertising on them.  It'll keep our country secure and give it a retro ballpark field.

Greg Roberts: I remember that was one of your issues from the Presidential campaign.  Do you think that your run for President may have helped you with your district?

Jack Kimble: I really don't want to talk about that.

Greg Roberts: It seems all you want to talk about is your book.  I'm sorry...ebook.

Jack Kimble: It's a form of literature.

Greg Roberts: Right.  Anyway, we'll be back after these messages with more from the Beltway and beyond....Look, will you put down your damn Kimble.   You are shameless sir.  Have you no dignity?

Jack Kimble: also carries the book.   Pick it up, you won't be disappointed.

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  1. I think Greg wants him to put down his "kindle." Putting down his "kimble" has all kinds of other connotations.