Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Courageous GOP Leadership Battles Presidential Overreach

Following last week's squeaker of an election night win for President Obama last week, The President has claimed that his victory has given him the right to unprecedented powers to make sweeping changes to this country.  Fortunately, the Republican leadership is standing tough fighting President Obama every step of the way.   Before, turning this country into a socialist Heaven, it makes more sense for him to clean up the problems left over from his first term.

1. The attack on Ben Gazzi in Libya.   We must find who is responsible for the attack on Mr. Gazzi and we must hold hearings to make these people accountable.  Mr. Gazzi was a hero and the Libyans who attacked him as well as the Americans that let it happen must be held accountable.

2. The growing gay marriage crisis in the army.   I believe that the recent scandal involving General Petraeus's affair with his biographer can be directly tied to gay marriage.  I know that gay marriage has cheapened my own marriage and as Petraeus was at ground zero for the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, he probably felt his marriage was even more in peril.  Until we end the threat of gay marriage once and for all, we will only see these unfortunate affairs increase.  I even heard a rumor that President Obama was talking about having a man date tonight.  This is just disturbing.

3. Iranian nuclear weapons.  Before the 2008 election, Iran was less than 6 months from building nuclear weapons.  The President has done nothing to stop them and now Iran is 4 years closer.  I think it's safe to say Iran has had nuclear weapons for over 3 and a half years.

4.  A shortage of Courageousness.  In my new book,  Profiles in Courageousness, I laid out the courageous steps that a President would need to take to rebuild this country.   I sent the President a link for a free copy of the book.  He has yet to download it, even though it is a quick and pleasant read and priced to move at $3.99.

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