Saturday, November 24, 2012

Congressman Kimble's Food Stamp Challenge - Day 2

Day 2 of the Food Stamp Challenge was even harder than day 1 if that is possible.  Again, hunger wasn't the big issue as much as the way other people have begun perceiving me.  Also, with the big Notre Dame game tonight, I knew I was going to have to find a way to squeeze beer and chips into the very tight $31.50 food budget.

Breakfast: I was back at East of Java again today for another 12 shot venti vanilla cinnamon white hazelnut mocha with extra caramel and mocha as well as a blueberry scone.  I brought my wife and daughter with me as well.  As I brought the bill to the cash register, I managed to catch Joe's attention, but he seemed less excited to see me than yesterday.  He waved off my credit card again, but today it seemed like a chore or something.  Gone was yesterday's smile.   Could he sense the desperation that my new status has brought on?

Lunch: I was lucky at lunchtime.  I had made an appointment to see a friend of mine with the natural gas industry about legislation allowing fracking on public school property.   The proposal sounds like a great way of giving us long sought energy independence while at the same time allowing school children to learn about science.  It was your typical 4 martini lunch with a lobster tail thrown in for sustenance and a delightful pumpkin bisque soup. 

Dinner: I was feeling pretty good that it was now dinner and I had yet to spend a dollar on food.   The temptation was, of course, to splurge.  However, I remembered the chips and beer that I wanted for tonight's Notre Dame game.  Instead I went to the refrigerator.  The chef had made some Beef Wellington before leaving for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I followed his instructions and had the tasty pastry with some baby carrots and new potatoes.   Of course, I had a few glasses of wine for dinner.

Snack: I spent $20.18 on chips and beer for tonight's Notre Dame game.   Mantei Te'Meow and I have been looking forward to this game all week.

Day 2 Total = $20.18

Small Business Saturday: Today is Small Business Saturday,  I encourage everybody to visit small businesses for your shopping today.  If this note finds you too late, remember you can't get much smaller than an independent eBook seller.   My eBook Profiles in Courageousness is only $3.99 at better online retailers.

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