Monday, November 19, 2012

Profiles in Courageousness Wins Prestigious Award

It is an unprecedented feat for a member of Congress to write a book.  The daily grind of making the decisions of which bills to reject while keeping pledges to both the American people and to Grover Norquist don't allow a lot of time for writing.  That's why as a country we are very fortunate that Jack Kimble is a multi-tasker who took advantage of his limited down time and even more limited attention span to cobble together his memoirs into the book that would become known as Profiles in Courageousness.

Sales at Amazon have been brisk, but equally impressive has been the critical acclaim.  Today, Congressman Kimble can add award winner to his growing resume as a writer.  The Profiles in Courageousness Foundation awarded Jack Kimble's Profiles in Courageousness with the Prestigious Profiles in Courageousness Award in a ceremony held today in Washington D.C.   

The Foundation, which was established by Joseph Kimble this year to make Americans aware of public servants who act with conscientiousness and courageousness and to encourage elected officials to do what is right, rather than what is expedient while remaining true to the causes of American exceptionalism and conservative principles.  Kimble was an upset winner over favorite Mitt Romney who was expected to win for his gallant Presidential campaign.

"To be singled out by a foundation that was established by my father and administered by my family is a truly humbling experience," said Congressman Kimble, "I believe this award will be around for years to come like the Grammies or the VMAs.   This award is for the haters, who thought I would only be a one term Congressman.  It looks like I'm going to be around for quite awhile."

Readers and patriots interested in acquiring a copy of the Profiles in Courageousness eBook, should go to or to the book's page.

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