Monday, August 8, 2011

Kimble Short Bus Tour Kicks Off In Lexington, KY

Staying in Washington long enough to insure that the Democrats promised to cut the budget and not raise taxes was very difficult for me because it meant delaying getting to know little Ayn Reagan Kimble. Since adopting her, she has been a dynamo in the campaign office for me, but unfortunately Washington business doesn't wait for families. With a budget deal finally reaching and our economy secure, we were ready for a road trip.

We began last week at Texas Governor Rick Perry's Day of Prayer. Ayn told me she learned a lot and hadn't realized just how vengeful and vindictive God can be with sinner. She made up her mind to stay on the straight and narrow from here on out.

This morning began on a bit of a down note as we spent most of the morning trying to find a monument to the first shots of the American Revolution, but nobody knew what we were talking about. We finally met a nice older woman named Elise who explained that it wasn't Lexington, Kentucky, but instead Lexington, Massachusetts that kicked off our war for independence. Oh well, with Concord, New Hampshire approaching soon on the itinerary at least it will be a great chance to teach Ayn about the Revolution.

I did give a short speech today on why our independence was so important and how England's socialized medicine had caused rioting. It was very well received. I hope that it is the start of a wonderful vacation for my daughter and me. It's wonderful to step off the campaign roller coaster and get to know her.

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