Thursday, August 11, 2011

Short Bus Tour Day #4: Canton, OH

It had been my fondest wish to take my daughter to see the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Museum in Canton, OH and possibly visit the McKinley Memorial. Unfortunately, media types had learned that I was on this bus tour. No sooner did we disembark from the bus for some family time then we were ganged up on by reporters. Fortunately, some of my supporters were able to hastily find a giant American flag and produce a lectern and microphone for me to give a brief press conference. I looked at little Ayn expected to see tears or at least disappointment, but she just looked up at me with her big eyes and said, "all these people came to see you daddy. Give a great speech." She is a born campaigner that girl of mine.

Canton went great. We are clearly winning the hearts and minds of voters in Ohio. Unfortunately, it wasn't until we left the Vacuum Cleaner Museum, that I learned the NFL Hall of Fame is also in Canton. Maybe next time I'll get to see that too.

Just a reminder, tonight is the FOX News GOP primary debate from Iowa. I didn't have the heart to cut Ayn's road trip short, but I will be tweeting my answers for tonight's debate questions live from our tour bus. We have arranged for a local hotel to let us plug in our modem cord into their internet. I hope to see you all tonight for the debate.

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