Sunday, August 14, 2011

Short Bus Tour Days #5 & #6: Iowa State Fair

Unfortunately, campaign business intruded on our family vacation, but Ayn was a real trooper as we drove all night through what Ayn calls "America's glorious Heartland" to arrive at the Iowa State Fair in Ames, Iowa. I met with our many great Iowa volunteers and saw the area that they had nicknamed Kimblepalooza. We were greeted by many enthusiastic supporters and saw a lot of jealous Tim Pawlenty volunteers when Ventura Highway, California's best America Cover Band started playing.

I actually was lucky enough to have a chance to talk with Tim Pawlenty. We had a rare chance to let our hair down.

"Jack", he told me, "I'm not sure about this. I've put a lot into those commercials, but I'm just not generating the excitement I wanted."

"I don't know Tim," I said, "I get the idea that you're not really excited about this either."

"Maybe not," he said, "I look at Crazy Eyes Bachmann and I wonder if I'm in the wrong business."

"Don't knock her," I said, "Did you try the petit fours that Dr. Bachmann made?"

"To die for," Tim said, "I think she's going to win just on the line for his pastries. I don't know how you do it Jack. I think I'm about done."

I may have remembered a word wrong here or there, but that was the gist of our conversation. Sure enough, thanks to Dr. Bachmann's culinary skills and tasteful decoration of the campaign tent, Michelle did win the straw poll, while Tim Pawlenty announced he was withdrawing from the campaign. I can't say I was surprised.

Ventura Highway was great, but we weren't thrilled with our performance. A top ten performance was something to build on and we're not out of it by any stretch, but this just puts more pressure on us to do well in the early primaries.

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