Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Short Bus Tour Day #8 Tampico, IL

It appears that our road trip will be cut a bit short since I need to be back home for Heritage Valley Corn Dog Festival on Friday. We were originally going to try to make it out to Concord, New Hampshire, but it turns out I made the same mistake I made with Lexington, Kentucky. You would think they would publicize that both Lexington and Concord are in Massachusetts. I figure that like Sarah Palin did, I can always resume my vacation later on.

We stopped at Tampico, IL where Ronald Reagan went to Sunday School. It's the type of town that could produce great men with 800 people who call this small town home and while they might not cotton to strangers, they have amazing pie. I am really looking forward to hearing the results of the Wisconin recall elections tonight. I have a feeling we're picking up two formerly Democrat seats.

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