Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Short Bus Tour Day #2: Petersburg, Kentucky

We made the short trip from Lexington to Petersburg, Kentucky this morning. The drive took two hours down I-275 West. It was a shame we were on a tight schedule because I find Kentucky just a great place to meet real Americans who more than make up for what they lack in dental care with a pioneer spirit and can do attitude.

Ayn was excited to get to the museum to see the dinosaurs and she was truly captivated with the stories of children playing with the creatures in ancient Israel. I know she wanted to have a pet dinosaur of her own.

I always love to include some education on any family vacation just like my dad did and it was clear that Ayn learned a lot. She had no idea that the Earth was 6,000 years old. She had thought that the Earth was closer to four billion years old. We had a good laugh at that. It's amazing what some people will tell children.

What I found really touching was that after we left the museum, I asked Ayn what her favorite part was and she said she loved learning about how chameleons change color to show their mood and to talk with one another. We bid a fond farewell to Kentucky and are slow, dimwitted, lumbering friends as tonight we head to Cincinnati and President Taft's home.

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