Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Blog Thus Far

I hope you have enjoyed the blog so far. Other than an angry call from Johnny Boehner I have been too. I guess he was afraid that some of my Asian constituents would be offended by my saying "me love you long time" in relation to Michelle Malkin. If you are Asian, we're cool right? Anyway, I promised John that I'd be more careful with what I was saying. Another blogger actually saved where I said Nancy Pelosi had cold dead eyes to use against me. Man, please don't show her that. Anyway, I asked some people who stopped by my office today for questions so that I could try and get more of my constituents over to this blog. Please feel free to ask me anything. If I don't know the answer I'll make something up lol.

What are you most proud of in your career in congress?
That's tough. I'd probably go with getting President Obama to change his stimulus bill despite not voting for it anyway. That
was pretty awesome.

Do you want President Obama to fail?
You bet. He wants me to fail too. In 4 years, I'd like to be driving my car and stop at a stoplight and have him start cleaning my windshield.

What do you like least about being in congress?
My chair squeeks. They keep telling me they'll look at it, but if you lean back and to the left a bit it'll start squeeking. During his address to congress, I kept squeeking whenever Obama would pause. You can hear me doing it on the broadcasts too lol.

What was your most difficult moment in congress?
Nobody bothered to tell me that Barney Frank was gay. Gabrielle Giffords walked by in this very short suit and I pointed to her and told Barney, "I wouldn't mind fillibustering that if you know what I mean." I guess she overheard and when she turned around, I told her, "It was him" pointing to Barney. She came back to us punched me in the stomach, grabbed me by the tie and told me "I'm married to an astronaut Kimble. We can put your remains where they'll never find them." I think she meant it too.

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