Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Representative Kimble Pushes for School Reform at Steven J. Brown Charter School

This morning I was up early to visit the students at Steven J. Brown Charter School and I must admit it was awe inspiring to see the amount that these students have been able to memorize since the charter opened in September. The Brown philosophy of corporal punishment and rote memorization is proven to get results and we are anxiously awaiting their results from state testing.

Principal Handley and Vice-Principal Sommers were my tour guides as I walked from classroom to classroom. I am definitely convinced that chart schools are the answer to our country's education problems. They will allow caring and concerned parents to seperate their kids from the objectionable students in a way that just isn't possible in a public school setting.

If you're not from my district, let your Representative know that you want more charters. The teacher's unions claim that charter schools are a way to bust the unions, but consider that the largest contributor to charters in this country is Walmart. Do you think a company like Walmart would want to be accused of union busting? or would the Bill Gates Foundation want to be accused of unfair business practices? I think not.

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