Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fox 15 Segment a Success

I have to say the Fox 15 segment was a huge success. My phone has been ringing off the hook since it aired with concerned seniors wanting to know how they can protect themselves from al-qaeda. What I really was impressed with was that we were simply calling for nursing home staff to be armed. After the segment aired with the mock al-qaeda nursing home attack, we had literally dozens of concerned elderly viewers wanting to arm themselves so that they could contribute to their own protection. Once again thanks to Linda Ellard and the whole gang over at Fox 15.


  1. I don't get Fox 15 here. Tell me, did any of the concerned seniors ask you about your views on Medicare and Social Security. Just what are those views anyway. I know I'm not in your district, but all elections are increasingly national and I have to decide who it's important to support with donations next time, so I'd like to know as much as possible about all our Congresspersons. There are an awful lot of you, though.

  2. This report was on the threat of terrorism. Obviously, there is a threat to medicare and Social Security that seniors need to be aware of as well.

    Social Security is rapidly going bankrupt. If you are not aware, Social Security is a way of having the people currently working pay for retirees. With their birth control and such, liberals are producing less children. This means less working adults to pay for retirees.

    Medicare is a government funded program to help with medical care. Obama wishes to set up a single payer system for all health care. This will bankrupt Medicare which was never meant to take care of that many people.

    I believe that abstinence only education can be a key to producing more children which will then pay into social security as working adults. I also believe that the biggest threat to our medical system is a lack of individual responsibility by those people who want every little broken bone set and every little wound stitched. Whatever happened to rubbing some dirt on it and walking it off?