Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Representative Kimble Attends Pinecrest Baptist Prayer Breakfast

If there is one thing that my district has plenty of, it would have to be devout senior citizens. Their simple faith as they get ready to pass on to the next world is really something inspiring. I don't know anybody else who would willingly get up early on a Tuesday morning in order to sit in church and then eat eggs and other foods that have been refreshingly freed from spice and flavor. The truth be told, this obligation somehow escaped my mind until I was lucky enough to receive several wake up calls from my Chief of Staff Lisa.

As a Representative, I find myself in a more difficult spot than say a Senator because I always have to be running for my next election. A Senator wouldn't be as concerned about senior citizens because he could be reasonably sure that within 6 years a lot of them will have died off. Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury with my next election less than 2 years away. Have you donated to my campaign yet? I don't know if God concerns himself with our little elections down here on Earth, but it just feels good to pray against Obama.


  1. Americorps has been around for years.. Michele Bachmann is a Kook.. has been a Kook since she has been in congress and I give her no quarter. She gives none to Pres. Obama and deserves none in return. Maybe you better look at her record and the record of Americorp and the fact this "Camp" you are trying to condemn before you tell me what to do.

    Then again.. never mind I see you have your Tin Foil Hat screwed on just like hers.. with your Socialism and such...

    Maybe you are one of the Congressmen Bachmann should have had investigated last year when she was looking for the Anti Americans on Chris Matthews Show.

  2. I am hardly a socialist. I believe I am proof for exactly why capitalism works.