Monday, April 6, 2009

Why We're Not in Session

This is like Spring Break for us. For the next two weeks we're in what's called Spring District Work Period. It might just be me, but the meetings seem to drag on forever lately. Some of these representatives need to lighten up. I guess the main thing we do to kill time is to flirt with the female representatives.

I used to be lucky to have an office right be Vito Fossella and he was always good for a joke or to let me know how the ladies of congress were dressed on that particular day. Hottest congresswomen. That's debatable. Everybody has their favorites. Even though I'm a Republican I wouldn't mind a joint session with Stephanie Herseth Sandlin if you know what I mean. Of course Michelle Bachman has amazing legs. C-Span does not do them justice. I'm going with Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee though. That accent just melts your heart.

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