Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Missing W.

I know that outside of my own district, this may be unpopular to say, but I'm missing President Bush. I met him only a handful of times, but I remember him as a very warm and gracious host. He used to call me "Cappy" because when he first met me we were at a fundraiser that was about 100 degrees in the shade and I had on this blue golf cap to protect me from the sun. For some reason he picked up on it. Whenever I'd see him, he'd be like "Where's your cap, Cappy?" We'd both crack up and then he'd give me the thumbs up sign. I don't think Obama even knows my name.

I was never really a fan of Dick Cheney. Sure, I agreed with him on policy, but as a freshman congressman Bush put him in charge of hazing us. I remember one pool party at Karl Rove's where it really got out of hand after they made myself and Butch Otter doing Jaeger Bombs. The combination of the heat and the drinking really was getting to us and then they made us push a peanut across the floor with our noses. I used to hate having to carry a copy of the Constitution around with me at all times, but you never knew when he'd call on you to recite a part and you'd have to give it to him or one of the senior representatives to check us. As much as being a freshman was tough, I learned a lot about good government.

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